Call for papers: “Borders, security, and identity” by the Monterrey Institute of Technology

TEC Monterrey

For its 9th issue, which will be published in the fall 2013, the Monterrey Institute of Technology is interested in academic articles, essays, fieldwork research, book reviews, or literature reviews based on the following theme: “Borders, security, and identity”. Opinion pieces, reports, and photography are also welcome, but preference will be given to academic articles. This will be published in the Retos Internacionales Journal.

The deadline to receive articles is September 30, 2013.

Retos Internacionales is a bilingual (Spanish and English) academic journal published three times a year by the Department of International Relations and Humanities, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Querétaro. The aim of the journal is to offer an open forum for research and reflection in respect of international relations and more broadly the social sciences. The journal is especially interested in themes that have an international dimension and affect the entire world.

About the topic: Geographical and imaginary borders redefine social, political, and community-based processes both locally and globally. Identities are being re-constructed and some of those identities challenge the homogeneous, liberal discourse of our age. As a result of the changing conceptions of identity, our old notions of security are being questioned in respect of various patterns: collective identities, immigration and emigration, forced displacement, the use of public spaces, and organized crime. Thus, this call for papers welcomes descriptive, theoretical, on-going research, and opinion pieces in respect of “Borders, security, and identity.”

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