Apply for the Harvard IGLP 2015 Regional Workshop in Bogota!


The Colombian International Law Students Association (ACEDI – CILSA) invites the Colombian and Latin American scholars to the Harvard School of Law Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) inaugural Regional Workshop to be held in Bogota, from August 19-23, 2015. The deadline to apply is the April 17th, 2015.

The Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) is pleased to announce we are currently accepting applications for our inaugural Regional Workshop to be held in Bogota, Colombia at the Universidad de Los Andes from August 19-23, 2015. This Workshop is the first in a series of regionally focused and concentrated academic programs being launched by the IGLP. Through our Regional Workshops, we seek to identify and support aspiring junior faculty, doctoral scholars and postdoctoral scholars in Latin America, Africa, the former Soviet space and Asia who are developing innovative ideas and alternative approaches to issues of global law, economic policy and social justice.

The deadline to apply is the April 17th, 2015.

Click here to apply!

The 2015 IGLP Regional Workshop in Latin America at Universidad de Los Andes, will bring together 20-25 doctoral scholars, post-doctoral scholars and junior faculty from institutions in Latin America and the wider world for serious research collaboration and debate alongside 15 senior and mid-career IGLP faculty from universities worldwide.  While in residence in Bogota, participants will review current scholarly developments, reconsider canonical texts and network with colleagues from across the world. Intensive writing workshops will offer participants the opportunity to receive valuable feedback on their own research from their peers and more senior colleagues in small group settings.

Modeled on the IGLP’s Annual Workshop in Doha, this Latin American Regional Workshop aims to promote innovative ideas and alternative approaches to issues of global law, economic policy, and social justice with a particular emphasis on how they relate to ongoing legal and policy debates throughout Latin America. Our aim is to strengthen the next generation of aspiring scholars in this region by placing them in collaboration with their global peers.

The Institute for Global Law and Policy and the Universidad de Los Andes is committed to keeping this Regional Workshops as cost-free as possible for admitted applicants, including travel, meals and lodging. Selections will reflect an emphasis on Latin America but admission is open to interested scholars from all regions.


The Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) at Harvard Law School is a collaborative faculty effort to nurture innovative approaches to global policy in the face of a legal and institutional architecture manifestly ill-equipped to address our most urgent global challenges. Global poverty, conflict, injustice and inequality are also legal and institutional regimes. The IGLP explores the ways in which they are reproduced and what might be done in response.


Regional Workshop Streams

The 2015 IGLP Regional Workshop in Latin America at Universidad de Los Andes will be focused around a series of substantive Streams. Exploration of each Stream will be led by a team of senior scholars and is designed to promote discussion of recently scholarly trends as well as classical texts. Our common goal is to understand the history and structure of our contemporary world political and economic system. We will map the legal structure of international trade, development, property and governance, and open them up to contestation and debate.


In August 2015 our Streams will include the following:

  • Law and Economic Development
  • International Economic Law
  • Neo-constitutionalism and Human Rights
  • Latin American International Law
  • Property and Redistribution

We plan to convene a total of six Streams at the 2015 IGLP Regional Workshop in Latin America at Universidad de Los Andes.  All participants will have the opportunity to participate in three Streams.  In each Stream, participants will review current scholarly developments and reconsider canonical texts across each stream with the aim of strengthening our collective ability to understand and influence the shape and direction of global economic policy and law.



IGLP Writing Workshops

Intensive writing workshops will form the core of our time together at this IGLP Regional Workshop. Each day, participants will break into small groups to share their own scholarship and discuss their own ongoing research. The IGLP writing workshops are organized to promote learning from others working on similar projects as well as to promote cross training by engaging with projects quite different from one’s own. The smaller group format allows participants to engage on a one-on-one basis with their peers and specialist faculty members, as well as to share ideas and receive feedback on their work. Each of the writing workshop groups will be led by a member of the IGLP’s Junior Faculty.

Each Participant at the 2015 IGLP Regional Workhop in Latin America at Universidad de Los Andes will be assigned to a group and will be paired with a partner. Partners will be expected to comment on each other’s papers during one of their group’s sessions. A member of the IGLP’s Senior Faculty will also be present during each Writing Workshop session to give feedback on the papers being discussed that day.

IGLP Writing Workshops are designed and convened by IGLP Senior Faculty Members Karen Engle and Dan Brinks from the University of Texas. Learn more about The IGLP Approach to Giving Feedback on the papers of colleagues.

This Harvard Law School and IGLP Program is being hosted, and co-sponsored, by the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota.

More information: click here.


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