Scotland’s Independence: A Referendum Over Scotch


By Nicolás Córdoba Pineda

307 years after the Crowns of England and Scotland sealed their Union through a treaty named the Acts of Union, therefore becoming the United Kingdom of Great Britain, they are facing one of the world´s most critical scenarios: independence. But not independence from a foreign/dominant power, or ‘independence’ in the latta terms of more self-governing powers, but independence from within. The Scottish National Party, the political majority of Scotland´s parliament and stronghold of the independent movement, called for a general referendum on Scotland’s soil in order for voters to decide whether Scotland should be and independent country.

This situation triggers a lot or questions in the political, social, cultural, economical and legal scenario, being one of the most alarming ones the fate of Scotch whisky (given that its commercial channels and benefits network are determined by the United Kingdom).

However, being impossible, or at least too pretentious, to address all the questions derived from this odd event from a XXI century developed and highly industrialized nation, it is the intent of the present text to highlight what the world will witness after September 18th, 2014 (provided that the YES answer to independence calls heads in the polls): Dissolution of the United Kingdom, secession of Scotland, or ‘Continuity’/‘Succession’ of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Continue reading “Scotland’s Independence: A Referendum Over Scotch”